Art on Loan


Whether your requirements are for one striking work of art for a season, or a whole exhibition for one evening,  Art on Loan can help.

True art is characterized by an irresistible urge in the creative artist. Albert Einstein

Leadership by Annie Finn part of the Art on Loan collection

At Inspired Contemporary Art we appreciate that art lovers are not always in a position to make an art purchase but they may still wish to be surrounded by percipient, sophisticated works.

For our discerning clients we offer an Art on Loan service. This service is perfect for both individuals seeking pieces to adorn their home and for businesses, keen to dress their offices and events.

Art on Loan is a flexible service designed to meet your requirements. Work can be loaned for any period of time from one week to one year. We can even help you with displaying and exhibiting works.

Art on Loan – Choose one piece or many

We loan photographs, sketches and paintings as required – and subject to availability. Whether you choose one creative work, a themed selection or a whole series of inspirational pieces, Art on Loan is the ideal, cost-effective way to impress your guests.

Contact us to discuss your requirements and/or find out more about Art on Loan services from Inspired Contemporary Art.

  • Blue Haze Contemporary Art by Annie Finn
    Ocean blue Haze


Affordable Contemporary art for the discernible