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Spatial and tonal relationships

‘The important elements are colour, composition, form, line, spatial and tonal relationships. I experiment utilising and balancing these elements to produce many different effects.’ Annie Finn

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Annie Finn engages with her audience by provoking a range of emotional responses and stimulating debate about Abstract Art; this includes the creative process and materials used. A qualified teacher of Art and Art Textiles with a lifelong interest in The Visual Arts Annie has an experimental and developmental approach to work. 

Annie Finn Creates

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‘My work is of an abstract nature and is often characterised by the use, division or repetition of the rectangle.’ Annie Finn

The abstraction and distortion of everyday domestic and industrial images and objects results in non-representational compositions which inform her work in a number of ways.

Annie often chooses to build up numerous layers of medium to create depth, richness, subtlety or ambiguity. The use of materials, including the characteristics of soft pastel and acrylic paint, complements her working methods and her approach to art. Annie is inspired by the definition of boundaries and spatial ambiguity and is constantly experimenting to develop a variety of effects and moods in her work.

As well as individual pieces, Annie often produces a ‘series’ of work connected or linked by one or more elements, or a common theme.

Annie Finn Commissions

Annie has considerable experience of working on commissions and artistically interpreting clients’ wishes

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Frequently commended by clients for her unstinting commitment to the creative process and to meeting their wishes, it isn’t unusual for delighted clients to seek additional works or indeed to recommend Annie to friends and colleagues.

Annie Finn Exhibits

Annie’s works have featured in a number of exhibitions. The most recent is featured below.

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Nottingham University Autumn Exhibition

This year five of Annie Finn’s Art works were exhibited during the exhibition. Three original works and two fine art prints.

The prints on display at the exhibition are shown below. Click on the button link to view all fine art prints available for immediate purchase.


Fine Art Print from an original work by Annie Finn Inspired Contemporary Art. Soft pastel on Ingress paper.

Sizes available

40cm x 50cm – A4 -A6

Tranquil Places

Fine Art Print from an original work by Annie Finn Inspired Contemporary Art. Acrylic on canvas,

Sizes available

16inches x 20 inches – A4 – A6

These works along with three other original pieces by Annie Finn were selected to form part of the Nottingham University Autumn Exhibition 2018 at the Djanogly Gallery.

Inspired Contemporary Art

by Annie Finn

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