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  • Purple red parallel painting by Annie Finn
    Inspired Contemporary Art Services

We understand the needs of Art Lovers and the value that Inspired Contemporary Art can bring to your home, business or art collection. 

Our Inspired Art Services range from sales of contemporary art work, through to bespoke commissions, framing and even redesigning your interior to ensure your artworks work.

Taking inspiration from Mark Rothko, and working primarily in pastels and acrylics, Annie produces a range of original, sophisticated, contemporary artworks. These are exquisitely designed to grace your home or office.

Art Matters – Inspired Art Services

At Inspired Contemporary Art we know that art is personal so as well as the sale of art we offer a range of services to make art work for you:


we work closely with you, to create bespoke art work designed to suit your needs


Art on loan services – ideal for corporate events, adding interest when selling a property or changing how things look


Discover your inner artist, Improve your skills, develop new techniques with our master classes


Framing services – perfect for those seeking to add impact to their art

Whatever your ambition – whether selecting an individual creative work or a whole series of inspirational pieces – Inspired Contemporary Art Services provide the ideal way to create the perfect impression

Inspired Contemporary Art

 ‘I like to engage, provoke and challenge an audience. Contemporary art is a wonderful medium for stimulating thought, debate, even controversy.’

Annie Finn